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Become an Asthma Hero for someone you love...

If you’re like most of Asthma Australia’s supporters, you may have asthma yourself, or have someone in your life who suffers from it. Sixty years ago, there were very few treatments for asthma. Now there are many effective treatment options. But on average, there were about 39,000 hospitalisations per year before the COVID-19 pandemic. And more than 80% of these were considered potentially avoidable. That’s simply not good enough.That’s why we are asking you to become an Asthma Hero.


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[This appeal does not apply to WA or NT]

Become an Asthma Hero for people like Caitlyn...

Caitlyn is a professional violinist and self-employed crafter. And she has asthma – asthma so severe she can’t hold down a full-time job because she never knows when she’ll be too ill to go to work.

Caitlyn was diagnosed with eosinophilic asthma when she was very young. She has a monthly injection to help keep her asthma at bay.

“As a six-year-old I could not attend school and was home-schooled for 12 months. There is not a day that goes by when I don’t have symptoms. My sister said she’d never lose me in a crowd because she can always hear me coughing from a mile away.

I am on many different medications in an attempt to keep me stable. The new medication I am on has changed my life. I am so glad it’s working for me. But I still worry that it might stop working. That’s why research into new medications and treatments really matter.

I have a nebuliser and take breathing treatments. Even on maximum treatment my asthma puts me in hospital every few months and I have a flare up every four weeks or so. It would be amazing not to have the constant struggle with asthma. I hope in time with more research there will be a possible cure.”

As an Asthma Hero, you will help

Fund phone calls to an Asthma Educator via 1800 ASTHMA (1800 278 462) where personalized information can provide life-changing support to people with asthma, their carers and health professionals.

Advocate for greater freedom from asthma and important goals like air quality monitoring

Fund asthma research

Save lives.

As an Asthma Hero, you will receive

Regular updates on new treatments and services

The latest about any research or medication advances

A newsletter keeping you in touch

An annual receipt for taxation purposes that summarises your donations throughout the year.

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