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Lincoln visiting his mum Alison in hospital after saving her life

I am an advocate for some kind of warning system. Sometimes you can't see the smoke in the air. And when there's back burns, I really need to know about them,says Alison.

In January 2020 - the summer of bushfires. Alison remembers being stuck inside for days to avoid the smoke that blanketed much of the country. She was colouring on the floor with her seven-year-old son Lincoln. Alison started coughing, took her asthma medicine, but when it didn’t work, she collapsed on the kitchen floor. Alison stopped breathing from a severe asthma attack. 

I remember thinking, I can't die now; I can't die in front of Lincoln. It was heart-breaking to know he was there by himself,” said Alison. 
Lincoln made a life-saving call to 000 and Alison was taken to hospital. If not for Lincoln’s brave actions, she probably wouldn’t have made it. And sadly, many didn’t. The 2019/2020 bushfires claimed 417 deaths from bushfire smoke across several states and territories. That’s why we need to help people protect themselves against dangerous air pollution. 
Asthma Australia has made an app called AirSmart. It’s designed to send local air quality information in real time. The app will help people be more aware of bushfire smoke and make smart choices to protect their health. 

We tested the AirSmart campaign and app in key regional areas last year – and it was a great success! It’s now time to raise enough funds to make the app and public health campaign available across the country. We can’t afford to wait for another air pollution disaster to strike. Please give now to help save lives. 

Want to make your donation go further? Become an Asthma Hero.

If you’re like most of Asthma Australia’s supporters, you may have asthma yourself, or have someone in your life who suffers from it. Sixty years ago, there were very few treatments for asthma. Now there are many effective treatment options. But on average, there were about 39,000 hospitalisations per year before the COVID-19 pandemic. And more than 80% of these were considered potentially avoidable. That’s simply not good enough.That’s why we are asking you to become an Asthma Hero.

As an Asthma Hero, you will help

Fund phone calls to an Asthma Educator via 1800 ASTHMA (1800 278 462) where personalized information can provide life-changing support to people with asthma, their carers and health professionals.

Advocate for greater freedom from asthma and important goals like air quality monitoring

Fund asthma research

Save lives.


If you would prefer to donate via bank transfer, please use these bank details and quote the reference you used in an email to us at or call us on 1800 278 462 so we can thank you with a receipt.

Account Name: Asthma Australia Ltd
BSB: 032-197
Account Number: 445 076
Bank: Westpac

All donations over $2 are tax deductible. 
[This appeal does not apply to WA]

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