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Despite the amazing progress with preventers and relievers, there’s still no cure for asthma. But every day, our researchers are getting closer to finding a cure. The money you donate today will fund vital research and education to help halve the number of avoidable hospitalisations from asthma by 2030. Thank you

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$50 could fund an education resource for a healthcare professional.
$100 could fund a phone call to an Asthma Educator via 1800 ASTHMA where personalised information can provide life-changing support to people with asthma, their carers and health professionals.
$500 could go towards research into preventing and treating asthma. The National Asthma Research Program is the country's only fund dedicated exclusively to asthma research.
$1,000 could go towards funding Air Smart - a public health promotion program that aims to educate and empower people with the information, tools and strategies required to minimise exposure to unhealthy air, reducing the substantial health impact.
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