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Asthma Australia relies on community fundraisers to help the 2.8 million Australians living with asthma.

You can make a big difference to people with asthma. Set up your own fundraiser, celebration, fundraise at work or school, or just get fit and have fun! Your fundraising will support ground-breaking research, provide evidence-based services and programs and deliver vital asthma education and training. 

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Fundraise in Memory

Fundraise in memory of a loved one to honour their life and help other people with asthma.

Challenge Yourself

Walk, run, swim, cycle or play your favorite sport – and get people to sponsor you.

Host Your Own

Hold your own fundraiser at home, school, childcare, work, or in your community.

Fundraise Another Way

There's countless ways you can fundraise! Choose something else.

Search for a fundraiser

Please type the name of the fundraiser you'd like to support and then click on the orange button under their name to donate to their page.

Join an organised race

There are lots of organised fun runs, walks, swims, marathons, and triathlons you can join. Once you’ve entered, select Asthma Australia as your chosen charity, or you can create a fundraising page on the Challenge Yourself category and send the link to your friends and ask people to sponsor you.

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Share Your Story

Sharing your asthma story can make a real impact. Your experiences can help others understand the challenges and importance of asthma management. By speaking up, you contribute to raising awareness and ultimately improving the lives of those with asthma. Your story matters! #AsthmaAwareness


Fundraising Terms & Conditions

This explains your obligations as a fundraiser to ensure you are compliant. 

Asthma First Aid Poster

Display an Asthma First Aid poster. You can find more Asthma information on our website.