Free Dress Day For Asthma

386,000 children live with asthma
467 Australians lost their lives to asthma in 2022

This May, in honour of World Asthma Day, let's make a real impact. Show your support for students all over the country living with asthma, including those at your school! 

Hosting a Free Dress Day for Asthma in May at your school is not just about encouraging individuality, it's also about raising crucial awareness and funds for asthma in Australia. 

Why? Because nearly half of the 39,000 people hospitalised with asthma annually are kids under 15. Together, we can make a difference for the nearly 2.8 million Aussies living with asthma. 

The Free Dress Day for Asthma doesn’t have to be in May- you can choose any date that suits your school. If your calendar is already booked out for this year, put us in the calendar for 2025!  

We've made it easy for you to participate. Here's how: 
    1. Register your school. 
    2. Encourage parents to donate online on the school’s fundraising page or bring a gold coin donation on the day. 
    3. Unite for a day of fun, freedom and fundraising! 💖 

Ready to make a difference? Click below to register now or express your interest for more information or to have a chat about what’s right for your school. 

Let's come together to support asthma awareness. Together, we can create positive change! 

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