Sell something

Sell something to help create a community free of asthma

You can hold a sale, sell your services, run or participate in a raffle - whatever you choose to sell - you’ll be raising funds for a good cause.

Yes, I’ll sell something

Hold a sale

You can hold a bake sale, sausage sizzle, garage or car boot sale to raise funds. Some of our most popular ways to raise funds include auctions, raffles, or selling signed sporting goods. 

You could run a stall at your local markets or have a garage sale at home. And if you also put on a barbecue and let buyers know that all funds raised will go to Asthma Australia, it’ll help you reach your fundraising goal. 

Sell your services

If you don’t have anything tangible to sell, you could sell your services instead.  You could run a car wash, dog wash, offer to do cleaning, walk dogs, do manicures, massages, face painting, pampering sessions, baby sitting or even offer music lessons or tutoring to raise funds.  

Raffle off gifts in kind

Ask local businesses and your family and friends if they can donate products or services to help you raise money. Hold a raffle and sell tickets to your networks. Or hold a silent auction and give the prizes to the highest bidder. Or you could ask your business to donate some of its profits for a month, for example by donating $1 from every purchase or donate an overall percentage of takings.  

Participate in a raffle

Or if you like participating in raffles, you could buy some $10 tickets in our Play for Purpose raffle - for your chance of winning $500,000 worth of prizes. 50% of every ticket sold going directly to Asthma Australia.


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