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As a charity, we rely on generous donations to support people with asthma. Our purpose is to help people breathe better so they can live freely. Every dollar donated goes towards enabling this purpose through offering programs, service, information and resources. 


“An Asthma Educator really changed my life. I have never in my life been more well than I am now, due to that call I made to Asthma Australia. Can’t recommend them highly enough. I learned more in that 40 minute chat than I have in my lifetime.”


The Australian app for air quality. AirSmart puts all the information about the air you breathe directly into the palm of your hand.

By knowing what’s in the air, AirSmart can better protect your health and help you safely plan your day.  


We led a research project to identify the top 10 asthma research priorities according to people with asthma, carers, healthcare professionals and policy makers to created a National Asthma Research Agenda. 

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