In memory of Brock Burkett

By Peter Burkett

I’m raising funds in memory of Brock for Asthma Australia

Dear Family and Friends,

I am sharing this in memory page with you, in memory of my son Brock who died at just 27 years of age from a severe asthma attack. I want to celebrate their life, and honour their memory, by supporting the work of Asthma Australia. 

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Sadly, more than 400 people die from asthma every year. I want a future where no lives are lost to asthma.


I had been sitting at the dinner table when Brock told his girlfriend Eva he needed his reliever. His airway basically shut down and he couldn't breathe. He was revived by a doctor but declared dead when the family arrived in Germany a few days later.

Unfortunately in Brock's case, there was probably nothing that could have saved him. It was like a lightning bold, it was unlucky, but people should be aware that asthma can be fatal. A lot of people don't realise you can die from asthma. 

Brock had a mild form of asthma and never had a serious attack before. He had his puffer, played sport, did everything as normal and just used his puffer when he needed to.

Your gift in memory will support ground-breaking research, provide evidence-based services and programs, and deliver education and training to help the 2.7 million Australians living with asthma live freely. 

Thank you for your generous donation in memory.

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